Thermus thermophilus

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Higher order taxa: Bacteria (Domain): Proteobacteria(Phylum): delta/epsilon subdivisions (Sub-phylum): Deltaproteobacteria (Class): Desulfovibrionales (Order): Desulfovibrionaceae (Family): Desulfovibrio (Genus): Desulfovibrio vulgaris (Species)

Description and Significance:

Thermus Thermophilus is a Gram-negative bacterium that was isolated in 1971. They spawn in thermal spring ranging from 50-82C. The biological machines from these organisms have a higher stability than other organisms due to the environment that they have to live in. Thermus Thermophilus contains two strains, HB8 and HB27; both were found in Japan’s thermal environment with optimum environment 68C and the pH 7.0. Thermophiles are anaerobes that can live in hot environment with low oxygen solubility due to the temperature with the exception of thermus, they are aerobic chemorganotroph.

Genome Structure:

Cell Structure and Metabolism:

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