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University of California at San Diego -- BIMM120 Bacteriology student pages (second summer session)

Microbiology students of Rachel Larsen at the University of California at San Diego have authored the following pages as term projects for their course, BIMM120 Bacteriology.

Dental Water Line
By Jane Choi, Bo R. Heo, Jinsoo Lee, Soh Yun Lee, and So Young Moon

Deep Rock Sediment
By Joe Raleigh

Human Hands and Fingernails
By Chao-Lin Chen, Demosthenes Morales, Huynh Nga Vo

Komodo Dragon Mouth

Large Intestine

Marine Sponge: Sponge-Bacteria Association By Thomas Kim, Woo Lee, Jessica Na, Francis Wong, Sungjun Yoon

By Mason Chen, Diana Kirchmann, Alvin Kwong, Lydi Martinez, Mei Ng, Gabriel Tran, Kristen Watanabe, Kathryn Yee

Newborn baby digestive tract
By Coco Chin, Jeremy Dayrit, Hanaah Fannin, Angela Ho, Chon Ieng, Min-jeong Suh

Salt Lake
By Alan Wong, Gary Porter, Kate Graham, Nicolle Ma

Sargasso Sea
By Sherry Pablo, Hugo Frazao, Patricia Tu, Asa Gardner, Cam Nguyen, HsiaoTing Wang

Sewage Water Treatment Vat
By Vache Sharyan and Artak Harutyunyan

By Patrick A. McGhee, Susan Lin, Eric Pham, Pavithra Ramasubramanian, Deeba Pourmand, Wei Chien, Leo Borjon, David Juma, Cynthia Wong

Small Intestine
By Ellis Chiu, Janet Kwok, Kevin Lee, Susan Lee, Martin Tang, Adnan Vahora

Termite gut
By Kevin Cho, Seyon Kim, Jee Shin

By Jason Wong, Yumi Honda, Elieth Martinez, Raymond Villar, Eunice Kim, Whitney La