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The human gut - Mia Tran<br>
The human gut - Mia Tran<br>
Lake Michigan - David Pleta<br>
Lake Michigan - David Pleta<br>
Mississippi Dead Zone - Kelly Poulos [https://microbewiki.kenyon.edu/index.php/Mississippi_Dead_Zone]<br>
Mississippi Dead Zone - Kelly Poulos<br>
Mammoth Cave (or other caves) - Matt Selensky<br>
Mammoth Cave (or other caves) - Matt Selensky<br>
The atmosphere! -Robert Gallo<br>
The atmosphere! -Robert Gallo<br>

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MicrobeWiki Project

Our final project will be to develop a MicrobeWiki page. Instead of developing a page on a specific microbe we are going to take this in an ecological direction and develop pages on specific environments. The environment is up to you, but I suggest keeping them pretty narrow in scope so that we can get into a good level of depth on the microbial ecology of that environment. I will send you a template page and suggested subheadings in the near future, but the first step is to pick a topic and make sure you will have enough information. Possible topics (if you want to choose one of these, put your name next to it)


Arctic soils - Tia Chung-Swanson
Cryoconite holes -- Lauren Collins
Subglacial environments - Tim Coston
Black Smokers Jonathan Murray
The Great Salt Lake - Floyd
Dallol Hydrothermal Field - Rachel So
The human gut - Mia Tran
Lake Michigan - David Pleta
Mississippi Dead Zone - Kelly Poulos
Mammoth Cave (or other caves) - Matt Selensky
The atmosphere! -Robert Gallo
Deep Marine sediments - Kjetil Odden
South African Gold Mines--Tim Ellis
Armpits! - Andie Gomez-Patron


Dates from the Syllabus:Class Project: This quarter we will put our effort into improving microbe wiki which is an online, open source research managed by Kenyon University. You will spend the term working on this project. Graduate students will additionally be required to complete a 5-page paper on their topic.

5/4  Topic Selection + References (1/2 page)

6/12  Microbe Wiki Page (everyone)

6/12  5-page papers (graduate students)