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Domain: Bacteria

Phylum: Actinobacteria

Class: Actinobacteria

Order: Actinomycetales

Family: Micrococcaceae

Genus: Arthrobacter

Species: protophormiae


NCBI: Taxonomy [1]

Arthrobacter protophormiae

Habitat Information

The location in which the soil sample was obtained is in Austin, Texas, at the ACC Riverside campus, between two buildings. The exact GPS coordinates for this location are 30.237284, -97.704893. Collection was done around noon on January 26, 2018. The temperature was 57 degrees F with 81% humidity and 30.23 in of pressure. Winds were directed North and there was a slight overcast. It did not rain that day, However, it had rained five days prior. Soil was collected approximately two inches from the surface to eliminate as many rocks as possible.

Description and Significance

Genome Structure

Cell Structure, Metabolism and Life Cycle

Physiology and Pathogenesis



Page authored by Melissa Winkler and Samantha Limon, students of Prof. Kristine Hollingsworth at Austin Community College.