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Comments by Julia Josowitz

Overall I think this is really good and a cool way to approach a microbe! I really liked all of the links to applications of the microbe.

Intro: Overall a really good intro paragraph! I was a little confused by the use of "fastidiousness" and I think it might be helpful to introduce what heterofermentative means earlier. The second paragraph is a little disorganized; I was a bit confused by what the overall thesis of it was. But I really liked ending this section with a question and I think it has good overview information, it just might need some re-arranging.

History: I thought this section was super cool! Very neat way to approach a microbe.

Contribution: It was really interesting to learn about the antimicrobial activity of this microbe. Have any microbes developed resistance to them yet? That would be an interesting thing to look into. I thought it was cool that they tamp down lactic acid bacteria and make bread taste better.

Genome and Metabolism: I think the page would benefit from putting some of this information earlier (such as definition of heterofermentation). Also, if there are any figures of their genome or the sugar pathways they use, that might help the reader understand, since it is kind of hard to read about those processes.

Conclusion: This part feels a little bit like a list of facts. Maybe some of this information could be integrated into the other sections? I like the first paragraph, it's just that the following paragraphs feel a bit short and random.