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Other members of my group- I just chose three topics because I lost the list or never wrote it down. I'm not trying to set this in stone, I can reserach whatever, just let me know) 14:52, 9 February 2008 user:Metotman

I would suggest a modification to your outline something along these lines......

1. The soil environment associated with plants (?) a. rhizoplane b. rhizosphere this would be bulk of your effort

     Under rhizosphere heading you could have
    1. physical environment
    2. plant exudates
    3. microbial communities

c. other ? not really necessary

2. Biotic interactions in the rhizosphere a. General impacts on plants of rhizosphere microorganisms b. General impacts on rhizosphere microorganisms of plant c. Symbiotic relationships

  i. mycorrhizal fungi

Kate Scow

And of course include the inoculants as its own subheading. Kate Scow