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A turkey vulture (Cathartes aura) spreads its wings and faces its back to the sun in order to heat and sanitize its feathers.

In Nature

One of the TSA plates used in the Shawkey et al. 2003 study shows that discs treated with uropygial oil inhibit the growth of bacteria found to produce keratinase.

In Industry

A large layer of feathers and waste piles up in poultry factories, threatening to spread disease and increase mortality. Disposal of old feathers is critical to the efficiency of the factory.

In Archaeology

Include some current research in each topic, with at least one figure showing data.

Photograph of the fossilized feathers used by Moyer et al. 2014 to show the difference or lack thereof between fossilized melanosomes and fossilized biofilms.

In Conclusion

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