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A Viral Biorealm page on the genus Badnavirus

Badnavirus. From ICTVdB Descriptions

Baltimore Classification

Higher order taxa

Viruses; Retro-transcribing viruses; Caulimoviridae; Badnavirus


Banana streak virus, Sugarcane bacilliform virus, Commelina yellow mottle virus, Cacao swollen shoot virus (examples)

Description and Significance

Viruses in the Badnavirus genus are plant pararetroviruses, meaning they use reverse transcription of an RNA intermediate in order to replicate. The name "Badnavirus" comes from "bacilliform DNA virus."

One species of badnavirus, the banana streak badnavirus, is the causative agent of viral leaf streak of banana and plantain. The virus was identified in Morocco in 1985.

(sources: Ndowora et al., Descriptions of Plant Viruses)

Genome Structure

The genome is non-segmented and contains a single molecule of circular double-stranded DNA. The complete genome is 7200-7600 nucleotides long. The genome has terminally redundant sequences that have direct terminal repeats and are reiterated internally in inverted form. The genome is a relaxed circular molecule due to a site-specific discontinuity in each strand of DNA. (sources: ICTVdB, Briddon et al.)

Virion Structure of a Badnavirus

The virions of a badnavirus consist of a non-enveloped, elongated, icosahedral capsid. The capsid is bacilliform and the capsid shells of the virions are composed of multiple layers. Virions are either 95-130 nm or 60-900 nm in length, and 24-30-35 nm in diameter. (source: ICTVdB)

Reproduction Cycle of a Badnavirus in a Host Cell

Viral Ecology & Pathology

Badnaviruses are plant viruses. The transmission vector for badnaviruses are arthropods of the order Hemiptera in the families Aleyrodidae, Aphididae, Cicadellidae, and Pseudococcidae. (source: ICTVdB)


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