Sacred Heart University

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Microbiology students of Kirk Bartholomew at Sacred Heart University have authored the following pages as term projects for their course, BI 230 Microbiology.

Bdellovibrio, intracellular predators of bacteria.
By Swetha Desai, Krystina Eikeseth, Janice Silva, and Derron Simmonds

Cladosporium, fungi growing on dead plants and on fiberglass duct liners.
By William Gastiger, Persida Kastrati and Jessica Martins

Erysipelothrix, a genus of fungi.
By Jacqueline Schmiedecke, Lucas Bernacki, Jocelyn Brickett and Kathleen Strampfer

Shigella, a genus of gram-negative bacteria.
By Deidre DeSilva, Kayleigh Erazmus, and Megan Harney