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01:34, 24 April 2018 13337 2010 7 Fig1 HTML.jpg (file) 88 KB Dog exposed to canine parvovirus. Intravenous and subcutaneous drip sets hydrating dog. 1
01:29, 24 April 2018 Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 9.28.45 PM.png (file) 1.03 MB VP2 gene location sequencing alignment of two dog communities, Parvo6 and Parvo9. Parvo6 and Parvo9 chosen to compare with reference VP2 amino acid structure. Analysis of 18 amino acids at each subtype revealed similarities between the two communities... 1
01:26, 24 April 2018 Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 9.22.55 PM.png (file) 88 KB Virus isolation shown without and without (+/-) VN antibodies. Feline subjects inoculated with reference FPLV, CPV-2a and CPV-2c. Blood samples taken at the time of inoculation. 1
01:21, 24 April 2018 Diagrammatic-representation-of-the-intestinal-epithelia-A-transverse-section-of-the.jpg (file) 55 KB Drawing of microscopic epithelial cell in the gastrointestinal tract. Crypt intestinal gland involved in reproduction of new cells that migrate upward from the gland into the lumen. 1
00:31, 24 April 2018 Epithelial cell migration.tif.png (file) 32 KB Microscopic drawn rendering of epithelial cell in gastrointestinal tract. Crypt intestinal gland involved in the proliferation of new cells into the lumen. 1
20:34, 16 April 2018 Jean-yves-sgro-canine-parvovirus-protein-type-2-capsid-a-single-stranded-dna-virus.jpg (file) 63 KB Photographic print of Canine Parvovirus (CPV-2) viral capsid model. 1