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19:56, 10 December 2018 MicrobeW3.png (file) 120 KB Cronartium ribicola on Pinus monticola, USDA Forest Service, Dorena Genetic Resource Center, USA "Forest Pathology - White Pine Blister Rust". (Retrieved 2016-12-06) 1
19:53, 10 December 2018 MicrobeW2.png (file) 1.18 MB USDA Forest Service, Northern Research Station and Forest Health Protection. "Alien Forest Pest Explorer - species map" Database last updated 28 July 2016. <>(Accessed 21 October 2018) 1
19:47, 10 December 2018 MicrobeW1.png (file) 255 KB Life cycle of white pine blister rust, USDA Forest Service, Forest Health Protection and State Forestry Organizations, USA “White Pine Blister Rust General Ecology and Management”, 2013 1