Talk:Alcaligenes Eutrophus and Its Role in Biodegradable Polymer Production

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This is an interesting subject; the general concept of using biological processes to perform industrial jobs is very appealing, since most biological production processes are far more efficient than many current abiotic procedures. As always, pay attention to the little things: italicizing species names, correct spelling, etc., and do try reading straight through it once or twice to understand the flow of the argument and make sure it's what you want. The only section that needs a good deal of work are the two “Environmentally vs. Economically Friendly” sections. For one, they should probably be merged, and make them more cohesive. Make sure to cite all your facts, and integrate figures into your text such that they directly support your argument; right now they're just sort of eye candy. Lastly, write a good conclusion for the article as a whole. A good closing theme would be something about how this option for polymer production is being currently implemented. Otherwise, a good article!

Wow, Angel. This was a lot of work, and it shows. Great job! I have a few notes on top of those mentioned above:
--If you go on a Mac and hit option+0, you get a degree symbol. I noticed you were having some trouble with that
--Is the sentence staring with "In 1989" a new paragraph? The formatting here is off, and I can't really tell.
--Write out the word "millimolar" instead of using the mM abbreviation.
--It looks like you might have been typing pretty quickly--there are several instances where you have little typos, such as "chemolithroautotroHPic" and "reducATse". Just be sure to go through and correct the little errors before you turn in the final copy!
--The phrase "large megaplasmids" is perhaps redundant, since the prefix "mega-" implies "large"
--Use people's first names as well, particularly if you are not citing something by them (because then we can't figure out which "Staudinger" it is!)
--Some grammar points: 'when THEY interact with either...' in the last paragraph of the first section; 'two geneS encoding' in "HMR" section; "known to THE public" in "Discovery" section; 'with NADPH servING as...'--in "Synthesis in Alcaligenes" section; 'not the only bacteriUM that degradeS...' in the "How is PHB Biodegradable?" section; 'In order to be cost efficient, it is crucial to produce polymer using method that will be high-yielding as well as cost-friendly'; 'could cost [no 'S'!] $4/pound.'
--Be sure to italicize all mentions of specific species names, such as E. coli and Alcaligenes eutrophus, as well as the phrase et al., which is Latin
--You should have a hyphen between the words "single" and "stranded" when you're describing the plasmid of A. eutrophus, since you're using is as a single adjective to describe the word "plasmid"
--Number your figures, and refer to them in your work!
--The "Figure X" citation is in a strange spot on the page. Did you mean to put it at the end of the sentence before?
--The sentence starting with "Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd." is a bit strangely worded. Maybe look over this again?

Sorry for being so nitpicky, but it's good that I could only find minor things to critique! Great job with your research!