Talk:Biodiesel from Algae Oil

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I thought you did a really great job! Everything was very detailed and clear. Because the development of alternative fuels such as bio-diesel is so important, I think it would be really interesting if you maybe included some current case studies or research papers. Have there been any studies that show use of such biofuels? What did they find? Were they able to produce energy effectively? What new directions is biodiesel fuel from algae research taking?

I agree, I think this is really well done but more information about current application of algae oil would really improve the article. I also think it would would be helpful to expand on the section of advantages and disadvantages of using algae oil as biodiesel. Why exactly is this not being used as a predominant fuel source? What are researches trying to improve to make this a more viable option? It couldn't hurt to take a stand and either really sell the idea of using algae oil as fuel or argue against it.