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This is a cool virus, being that is has a 20 sided capsid and a strong 35s promoter. I did my page on the tobacco mosaic virus and there are several similarities, but the structure of each virus is very different. Its fascinating that researchers have found a way to use the CaMV promoter in biotechnology as well. Good job of explaining the aphid being used as a vector to infect these plants through damaged cells.

This page is very well written and explained and I though that you did a good job of informing the reader about the Cauliflower mosaic virus. One general suggestion to improve the page would be to maybe focus on a specific aspect of the virus instead of just learning about the virus. You wrote a small but interesting section on how the virus is used in biotechnologies and I think that you could expand on its uses in biotechs and maybe include some informative figures in that section. Some general proof reading is needed as well.-Alex Fazioli ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ --the above is not me--

Generally, after reading Michael Itschner's page, and learning about the tobacco mosaic virus, I'm going to give similar comments, but more general ones. overall, the page is written very well and i think you are able to talk to a layman audience well too. However, i have some nitpicky things that are specific to your formatting. In terms of figures and figure captions, put the figure number next to the caption itself (Figure X, etc..) and it might also help to illustrate the figure into words in the caption so that someone can quickly scan through and pick up what they need to know about your topic. MAybe focus on defining words that you think someone who is a layman would not know so that they can better understand the intent of the section/topic. Furthermore, I thought it was cool to learn about another mosaic virus that is similar to but not quite the same as the model virus (Tobacco mosaic virus). also thought it was cool how you did the classification for your virus and I am probably going to steal that format.

--Morgan Miller

I really enjoyed your topic and style of writing, however I do believe there are things you can expand upon and sections you can add to your page that will give the reader a lot more insight into your topic. For example I think your page would benefit extensively from a section that talks about the disease's epidemiology, transmission and how it affects its host. Further, you could speak to the treatments of the disease and how farmers fight against these aphids. Also, your topic about the virus in biotechnology is extremely interesting, exanpding on this and bringing in multiple sources would be great.--Nick vitale