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I recently posted this to the MicrobeWiki Admins because I couldn't set up an account, being a non-student.

<BR> IF (and it's not too big an if), your readers are interested in the
<BR> evolutionary interrelationships of your various microbes, then they'll
<BR> probably be interested in the fossil records of microbes too. "Fossil
<BR> records?? Microbes don't DO fossils!" you may cry, but the exceptional
<BR> preservation of the Doushantuo Phosphorites of China shout differently
<BR> (and more loudly). Recent discoveries in this deposit include early
<BR> metazoan embryos (disputed, it must be said) [Xiao et al, Nature, v391
<BR> p553, "Three dimensional preservation of algae and animal embryos in a
<BR> Neoproterozoic phosphorite"].
<BR> A recent publication [Li et al, "Ciliated protozoans from the
<BR> Precambrian Doushantuo Formation, Wengan, South China", in "The Rise and
<BR> Fall of the Ediacaran Biota", Geological Society London Special
<BR> Publications v286 p151-156] suggests the recovery of fossilized
<BR> ciliophora from approximately 580 million years ago. Which is an
<BR> interesting datum to compare with "molecular clocks" and genetic
<BR> phylogenies and the other tools that you're probably more familiar with.

The Admins responded by giving me an account, and essentially telling me to get on with it. Serves me right for admitting to being a part-time correspondence-school computing student <BOO!>.

So, now I need to look around the rest of the site and see what the local norms are for dealing with fossil evidence. Hmmm, why do I get the feeling that's likely to be a first for this site?