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Victor, This page looks very nice. I learned a lot about the type of toxins produced by strains of C. perfringens. If I were to make suggestions on your page, they would be very few. I think it needs a good read over in terms of grammar. The sentence structure within some parts is a bit odd, I would look at that. I also think a bit more information about each of the toxins would be great! Your section on human application was good. Add hyperlinks to your references. -Andrew Parmelee

Hi Victor,

Overall, you did a nice job on your page. You provided a lot of great information about Clostridium perfringen and the infections it causes. I really enjoyed you section about food poisoning and I learned a lot. The figures that you provided are helpful and your page is very well organized. There are a few areas that need to be proofread, but other then that you page looks good.

Michelle P

Victor, First I wanted to tell you how interesting I thought your wiki page is - it is a lot like mine, I also did my project on the toxins of a Clostridium species! One thing that I think you could improve on is maybe just getting to your point sooner, rather than using some of the tertiary verbiage the you sometimes used. However, stylistically it is very nice, and in that sense I guess you could say it shouldn't be changed at all. I think that one thing that would be very interesting (I'm not sure if there is literature out there, though) is if you explored the use of similar toxins in science fiction or bioterrorism. Finally, I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of the work you have done this year, and it has truly been a privilege to call you a classmate and friend. -Tyler Smith