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Rachel, this is a very interesting topic and I think you have done a great job covering everything. I highlighted a few minor editing and clarifications that need to be made but other than that it looks great!

-figure numbers need to be checked. You have two figures that are labeled 4 and two that are labeled 5 but no figures 3 or 4 so your in text reference to figure 2 is unclear
-including how mature virions kill host cells in “CMV virology” first paragraph would be helpful because saying that it kills the host cell when it leaves is confusing
-gB cleaves precursors of host proteins? Is that how the virus kills the host cells?
-First sentence of the third paragraph in “CMV virology” section is confusing
- “CMV infection in post-transplant patients” subsection method of infection first paragraph: last sentence needs clarification
-clarification needed as to why renal transplant success in particular are more dependent on HCMV
-since vaccinations help with transplant success, how common are vaccinations in transplant procedures?
-I am not fully understanding the difference in disease management
-is the treatment of inhibiting virus production in cancer patients to restore the effectiveness of chemotherapy the same as the disease management techniques described earlier?
-last sections were really good and very interesting!