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I bumped into a couple of grammar/spelling errors that I'm sure you'll catch when you read it through again and of course reference to the figures in the text would be helpful, along with the hyper-linked references(I have yet to do this for my page too, so I know you were probably going to get to this anyways). Even without these minor corrections, I was happy to read your work and found it very amusing. You have a great way with words and a knack for conveying important information in such simple, effective, and entertaining terms. Great job connecting it to the "larger picture" too, it was already amazing without the last section and then the last couple of paragraphs really brought it all together. -Damaris Garduno

I was very amused by the first two words "Things rot" in your introduction and appreciated the almost cyclic format in which you almost end with "Feathers rot." I really enjoyed the style in which you wrote your page. It was informative in a way that didn't assume prior knowledge to the subject and made it easy to read through. I liked the natural flow into the research done on the pathogens. As September noted earlier, hyperlinking your references would be good. It would also be good to either link or reference all of your image sources within the image caption. There are also minor errors such as “Bird feathers are comprised primarily keratin” is missing the word “of” and etc. Overall, this page was very well written and kept the reader interested. -Amanda He