Talk:Leptospirosis: A Worldwide Zoonotic Disease

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This was a very well done assignment. The overall topic was interesting and you covered a great deal of important information about Leptospirosis. I really enjoyed the introduction as it was full of interesting information regarding this zoonotic disease. I also really enjoyed the figures as they wee all very clear and easy to understand. Many of the images, especially figure 1, was very catchy and brought a lot to your page. The only suggestion I would make would be to make a short signs and symptoms section that clearly illustrated the side effects of being contaminated with this zoonotic disease. Great Job Ian! Beau Calcei

Your page has a lot of good information and is fairly well written. I think it could be improved if you preen through it and make it slightly less wordy. I also think you could separate your prevention section into two sections or make subheadings; prevention, interaction with the immune system, and vaccines.