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This MicrobeWiki page demonstrates a very unique concept, one that I have not heard about before. This is not surprising, as your paper refers to this idea has having its roots from merely nine years ago. This paper is also well organized and written. Additional figures/images can never hurt to liven up a page and make it more eye-catching and attractive to readers (for example in the history section), but aside from that this review page was very enjoyable to read.

The concept of phage therapy are nicely presented on this page. I recommend that this article be proof read as there are a few misspelled words and minor grammatical errors in each section. Reducing the number of times you use "that" might add a nicer flow to your writing. Also, you mention that the rapid mutation rate of viruses is beneficial because it can more adequately keep up with the mutation of bacteria. I did not see you explain whether this same rapid mutation rate isn't a disadvantage to phage therapy as well. It seems that a phage introduced for medicinal purposes could mutate into a more dangerous form. This might be a point to consider for your final draft. Nice job and I look forward to reading the final product!

This article broadly covers a very practical and exciting field of research. I think your next step will be delving into the more technical aspects of your topic. For instance, I would be interested to see some data (and your analysis) from the studies that observe the effectiveness of phage therapy in chickens and in the patient with the Pseudomonas infection. Support statements like "very helpful" or "vastly improved" with more specific material from the literature. In addition, I would consider placing references more sparingly, i.e. at the end of the paragraph in which only one paper is discussed. Good work so far!