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I would try to edit the template so that you have an Introduction heading and the menu at the top to be able to jump to certain sections of the paper. Also make sure Pseudomonas aeruginosa and P. aeruginosa are always italicized. The pictures should have a actual link within the caption to take the reader directly to wherever you got them from. I really enjoyed the introduction - the characteristics of the species was well explained, so good job! As you continue in the paper, I would make sure you’re not repeating yourself too much. Sometimes I think it is ok to reiterate something if you are going to expand on it, but if you just state the same thing again it gets repetitive. When you say that the human lungs are hostile and thus biofilms protect the bacteria colonizing there you may want to explain why. What are the microbes being protected from in the lungs that would otherwise kill them without the formation of a biofilm? It also might be beneficial to wrap up the paper with a short conclusion, but overall good job! [-andersonam]

I liked this page a lot, it looks very well done and besides what's stated above, I cannot find any faults in the text. I would suggest that you hyperlink your references directly to the source material, the same with the pictures and where you got them. Another presentation suggestion would be to consider adding additional figures or images, this helps break up the walls of text you have. [-bonifacem]

Overall, I think the page was really well done! As previously mentioned, you should try to italicize your microbe's name. To do this, add a < i> before the name and a < /i> directly after the name (but with no spaces between the < and the i). I would also suggest adding a conclusion paragraph to help bring together all of the points you have made throughout the wiki page. Also, work on making hyperlinks for the figures that you have. Otherwise this was an interesting and well written page! -Zoë