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Great job! Your paper is extremely well formulated and organized. The only thing that I saw that could be improved is formatting. Have you considered italicizing subtopics? For example, italicizing "Overview" in the introduction. It might also be helpful to include a conclusion to wrap up the paper. Overall, however, it seems like a really great paper! -Maurer

There is a good flow to your wiki page and information is presented in a logical manner. There are some minor points to fix. Maybe a figure showing the structure of V. cholera would be helpful. Also you still need to italicize V. cholera in your text. Some formatting would do wonders for your introduction. You can italicize the subsections as mentioned above but separating the subsections and underlining them is another way to go and would be an easy way to denote different sections within the introduction. Just a heads up, in the introduction's first sentence, the citation contains an extra parenthesis: ((1). Other than those minor points your project looks good. -Kyle Hardacker