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Your topic is very informative, highly interesting and in depth. It is interesting to know that there might be a way out even if bacterial species have developed resistance to Vancomycin, the supposed unbeatable antibiotic. You have very good figures and data that supplement the text, and a good flow. Improvements: -I felt that the links in the brackets in the introduction provided more information but at the same time broke the flow of the passage and diverted me. Is it possible to convert them into the form that Wikipedia uses (blue fonts and clickable)? -Italicize name of bacterial species e.g. Enterococcus hirae in the “Entering the Cell” paragraph, S. aureus & E.coli under “Observed effects of silver exposure”. -I believe the two figures before the “Current uses” belong to the “Nanoparticle shape” section. Correct? - In the intro, you mention that after the discovery of antibiotics the use of silver as an antimicrobial agent declined. I could get from your page that there might be toxicity issues but were there other reasons? supply? It may not be necessary but I'm curious.

Very well done! Your page is very detailed and interesting. You pursued a strong style of scientific writing. I might suggest that you add some simple definitions and explanations of the basic chemistry involved with the primary literature you discuss in order to make this article more accessible to any average wikipedia searcher. As far as aesthetics go, I love all of your images. However, I feel that your page is a bit cluttered. Try adding more spaces between sections or paragraphs, especially when images are aligned right on top of each other. Otherwise, great job!!!

Excellent formatting and structure. You obviously put an enormous amount of time into this, and it shows in both the technical considerations of the finer points of the topic and the appearance of the entire project. A few things to think about:
- Make sure your chemical abbreviations are structured correctly (e.g. AgNO3 or Ag+. If this article was transferred from Word, these changes won't show. You can use the search-and-replace function in Word (using the Wiki formatting in the replace field) to make those corrections easily.
- Be consistent in your links throughout the article -- you formally cite some sources, and link directly to others.
- I would be interested to know how feasible each of the applications are in terms of reaching a toxicity threshold.