Talk:Streptococcus pneumoniae: Meningitis

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I thought this was an interesting and informative article. There are a few things I would be interested in learning more about, however. In general, how does incidence of meningitis caused by S. pneumoniae relate to other causes of meningitis? During treatment, what are the other drugs used to treat infection? What is the method of administration for the drugs? As you noted, many substances cannot cross the BBB, so do they need intrathecal administration to bypass the BBB? It might also be good to note what kinds of treatments are available for the secondary symptoms like edema and infarction. -- Tyler Stearns

This was a really interesting article. A small mistake I caught was in the "Meningitis: Neuropathology" section - The first sentence should say 'bacterial meningitis' and not just 'bacterial'. You also need to number some of the figures. I think the transmission section can be incorporated into the infection and spread section. Despite this, I think you've written a very clear and comprehensive page. I especially like your use of Figures 3 and 4. Great job!