Talk:Symbiotic relationship between Aliivibrio fischeri and Euprymna scolopes

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I enjoyed reading your page and I like how you didn't add unnecessary words and you just wrote straight to the point you were trying to make. That being said, however, I feel like you could try and draw out the symbiotic relationship a little more (although perhaps the reason I felt that you should do this is because your sections are a little disorganized). I feel like you could combine those middle sections about symbiosis into one and then make paragraphs because the formatting threw me off a little bit. Besides the general formatting I really liked your page and you obviously went very in depth for some of your topics. -Charlotte Leblang

Ben, I thought that your project was very interesting and well done. The bioilumnescence picture was a really great addition to your project, but to echo Charlotte's point, I think that your sections were somewhat disorganized. I also think that you could add more about other Aliivibrio species. Finally, I think that you should make sure to change all of the figure captions for your final submission to reflect the pictures that are shown in your page rather than the Ebola Zaire virus. Other than that, you did a really good job, and I'm really proud of the work you have accomplished. Keep it up! -Tyler Smith