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Your paper is very interesting. Your introduction needs a bit of organization. Also you should put more information about the microbe. Also, when you talk about prevalence rising, you should probably put a graph showing that increase, if you have one. You should also say something about the prevalence of syphilis among different races since you have a graph there. I would like more information about syphilis too. You do a good job at explaining how to diagnose and treat but less job on the disease and the microbe. I would like the information about how the microbe becomes virulence at the cellular level, which mechanisms does the cell use to survive in the cell? Generally, Good job!

More comments: Your paper needs some spelling check especially the title of the sections. Work on grammar, some prepositions are missing. Work on making you paper flow. What is the mechanism of action of syphilis? How does it interact in the body, a section on this will make your paper more interesting. A concluding paragraph: what are the recent studies on syphilis?Any future studies? Any mutations observed?

I would definitely echo everything said above, otherwise your paper was very interesting and prevalent especially in the realm of public health today. In addition, it would be a good idea to discuss the future of this disease: what is being done to prevent it? what research is being done to eradicate this threat to public health? are some populations more effected than others? Also your paper would appear cleaner if you used footnotes instead of parenthetical citations. You can do this by inserting straight into your text: [1].