Talk:The Role of Methanogens in Waste Water Treatment

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I really enjoyed this article about methanogens, especially the part about the practical application of using them to treat waste water. I was left wondering whether there may be some way to use microbes that are capable of methanotrophy in conjunction with methanogens, in order to neutralize the amount of harmful greenhouse gas produced. Also, I really liked the figures you used and I thought they were helpful to your explanation of how exactly methanogenesis works, but felt like there could be more of them! -Sara Myers

I thought you did a great job thoroughly covering the topic of wastewater management by methanogens, particularly in wetlands. I like how focused your description is-- you do a nice job staying on the topic of methanogens as wastewater treatment throughout the article. I suggest fine tuning some sentences and sentence structure to make it flow more, but overall I thought you did a really great job!-Mary Frazier Greene