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Hi Tony,

Great page! It is generally really well written and cohesive.

There are a few sentences where I am not quite sure what you mean though and I thought it might be nice to have something tangible to try to change. In the transmission and pathology section you write that: "Bacillus anthrax is not an invasive organism". I am not quite sure what you mean by that statement, and I suggest you elaborate what you mean by it. The section is also a little short and I suggest you expand it. You could consider talking briefly about ways in which you can avoid or prevent transmission.

In the "vaccines and treatment" section, you mention that several vaccines have been developed to fight, but in the last section you end with "A global awareness should be created to reject the development of such weapons and provide means of developing a vaccine to fight this deadly disease". I just wanted to point out that this seems contradictory and that you may want to fix that before you are graded.

The bio-terrorism section is really interesting, and I would love to learn more about that!

I also suggest that you try to finish strong. I know you are not quite done with the page yet, but I just want to suggest that you end with something more conclusive that summarizes some of the things you have talked about.

You've done some really great work here and I am sure you will do well if you just fix it up a bit and lengthen a few of the sections.

Best - Jon