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one of the things that i think could help you out is knowing your audience. one of the things Dr. slonczewski said was that normal people read the wiki and it might be intimidating for a layman to read a wiki page that has words that they might not understand. So, when you can, define a word either while you're using it or after you use it. Another thing I noticed was your figures, maybe label the figures with the appropriate figure number. so basically just add "Figure X:" before your figure caption. it'll make seeing the figure easier. And specifically, figure 3 add into the caption what each part (A & B) means. That is to say, what are we looking at? because for someone who doesn't want to read your article (don't know why they wouldn't) it will make it easy to get information from the figures alone. I liked the parts about the targeted therapeutics! Those were really cool to read about. Other than that, i really don't have much to say, your grammar seems fine with me and other than a few formatting issues ("The dimensions of TMV used in the nanocarrier studies are 18 nm wide and 300 nm long with a 4 nm wide channel in the middle of the tubule [6]" in the "Using TMV in Drug Delivery" section) with not linking to the citation at the bottom it seems fine. My overall comments are that your wiki page consists of my different things that appeal to a broad audience of people, which is good. But my main criticism is that you use terms that a broad audience might not know too well and if you define these terms better you will have a great page!

(I'm not sure if my name goes up automatically or not so...)

--Morgan Miller