Talk:Variant Surface Glycoproteins (VSGs) of Trypanosomes

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I thought you did a great job! You covered this topic from all angles; epidemiology/public health concerns, economic implications, molecular biology, current research. It was truly all encompassing. Regarding the drugs that can be used to treat early/mild forms of the disease, although they are very toxic, how exactly do they work? What is their mechanism of action? Can we build off of these mechanisms and optimize them to create better drugs?

I also thought it was great! Really liked the schematics alot and thought it was well organized out and easy to follow. The only big things I have are grammar issues so just read it again and some of your sections like the first paragraph of "Treatment" don't have any in text citations. Some grammar stuff I caught: - at the beginning, you never refer to figure 1 in the text but I don't know if you have to - (figure 2) needs a space after it - Oddly needs a comma after it and "do not overlap" does should be plural - no comma after "mucosal membrane" - like needs: not ; - Under treatment "Once" is not capitalized - Under public health interest, "3 million years" year needs to be plural - under life cycle, in the middle of the second paragraph, "This monotypic surface coat...signals to B cells..." I think you need that extra "to"