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Taxonomic classification

Subphylum: Vertebrata

Who am I?

  I'm a middle-aged man, who used to be a computer programmer/data analyst in my younger days, but now I'm a forklift operator.  That's a rather odd direction for one's career to take, isn't it?

  So, what am I doing here?  Well, when my father passed away in December of 2008, I inherited his microscope.  Not long thereafter, I discovered that I can take amazingly good pictures through this microscope using a cheap digital camera.  I've made a hobby of finding interesting things to look at under this microscope, taking pictures of them, sharing these pictures wherever I can, and studying various online sources to learn what I can about the things I am seeing and photographing.

  My father was a man of great learning and intelligence.  To the end of his life, he was always studying, always learning, and always very generous about sharing what he had learned with others.  This is a trait that, to some degree, he has managed to pass on to his two sons.  My brother manifests this trait in a more formal manner than my father or I ever have; my brother is a tenured professor, teaching geology at a community college.  My own career has taken me in other directions, yet I seek always to learn new things, and I always love to share with others what I have learned.

  Alas, my knowledge of microbiology is not such that I am likely to add much to the text of this wiki, but I am sure that as I find matches between articles here, and the photographs that I have taken and continue to take, that I will find many opportunities to contribute my images here.

  Links to other places where you can see my works: