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Aquimarina macrocephali by Rachel Henson Bacillus chagannorensis by Nicole Schmidt Bacillus circulans by Jessica Prescott Bacillus endoradicis by Kevin Li Bacterioides cellulosilyticus by Molly Tanguay Bifidobacterium breve by Katarina Weissbach Dermabacter hominis by W. David Nesher Krokinobacter eikastus by Kristina Lilley Lactococcus chungangensis by Joshua Browning Lebetimonas acidiphila by Sarah O’Neil Meiothermus taiwanensis by Molly Gallagher Nonlabens ulvanivorans by Connor McKay Prevotella micans by Brandon M Levesque Pseudomonas baetica by Mike Sullivan Pyrobaculum oguniense by Danielle Morin Tenacibaculum maritimum by Alexandra Andrews