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This is a really interesting topic. For improvement, I would recommend fixing the pictures first. I really like the discussion about neurotoxins and how their production relates to human disease, food borne illnesses etc. I wish there had been some more primary literature about current research and some primary figures or graphs. Maybe you could talk about a couple specific experiments that have been undertaken recently and their results (more specifics). Then talk about the direction of future research. Also, maybe a little more about the history of the pathogen and how treatment methods have changed over time. There were also gramatical error and some awkward phrasing that could be fixed with some more editing time. But overall great topic and very interesting to read about!

This was a great paper Becca, and a great topic because of all the canned and packaged food that we eat today. For improvement, you could extend on the introduction to include the importance and relevance of the bacterial infection today. Specific images would be nice to talk about your work and especially in studies. I also felt that the studies could be extrapolated on in terms of methods, findings and purpose. How is this important to our society today? What steps can we take in preventative measures and what procedures of regulations are already in place in the US or abroad? There were some grammatical errors as well but I'm sure with proof-reading you will fix them and produce a wonderful paper! --Morgan O'Connor