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Great job! I really felt like I learned a lot about Hep C treatments. One thing I noticed is that you don't always reference your figures within the text, so you may want to specifically mention and describe them. Additionally, it might help validate the great information you already have if you had a few more references. Keep it up! -Lillian Spetrino

I found this page really interesting and engaging throughout. I think you spent an ample amount of time on each modern treatment and explained their mechanisms for antiviral activity very well. I wish there was a bit more on the virus itself towards the beginning of the page. You explain how it infects the host cell and the symptoms, but I think it would also be nice to go in a little more depth on why Hep. C is different than Hep. A and B, why the vaccinations have to be different, etc. Overall really well-written and informative! - Jason Cinti