Talk:Ostreococcus lucimarinus

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All of the information that you have included within your page is explained very thoroughly. The comparative quality of two sister organisms is very interesting, and you make your statements about each one very clearly. I think in general each section could be split up into multiple paragraphs. The information is all related, yet put together in a large paragraph can become difficult to stay connected. I also think that including a broad description of your chosen microbe in the introduction would be helpful. From reading the sections I know that the microbe itself is very small and lives in oceanic environments. It might be helpful to your readers to include information like this before you dig into its many characteristics deeply.

In the first section there appears to be some random “1”s attached to the end of some of your words/sentences. That is in easy coding fix. Also don’t forget to italicize your species names throughout the page. This first paragraph was very interesting and full of information that I did not know before. You have included so much research.

In the “Evolution of the Genus” section, you focus a lot on relatedness and changes within the genome. It might be interesting to include a figure of the cell’s phylogeny. Your information here is very well researched. The section is full of useful knowledge about the micorbe. Again, I think having the broad context for the cell before this section would be useful in understanding these molecular components. -Katie Lensmeyer

Overall your page is very interesting and provides great insight on you topic with great detail. However, I think your page would benefit from a few figures and images of the microbe. Further, lining your sources in text where they are relevant as well as citing them at the bottom of your page would help the reader if they wanted to do their own research on the topic. I think your page would also be even better if you added a few more sections, or broke up your current sections so the reader does not get bogged down with technical terms. For example maybe adding a section about the metabolism, habitat, possible ecological relationships, and industrial uses could be interesting. --Nick vitale