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This is a very cool bacteria. It is so cool that you can find this bacteria in ice crystals. All information is well-organized. My only suggestion is the way you organize your pictures. If I were you, I might add some description of figures in the caption. Also, there is one figure before Figure 1, and there are two figure 3. In the title, you might want to use a colon instead of the semicolon, but I am not sure about that one. In the genome structure, I am not sure about the first sentence "Include some current research, with at least one figure showing data." Maybe you did not finish that sentence? If you want to use the same reference, you might want to try <ref name = xxx>, but I feel it is just a stylistic thing. I think overall that is a very fantastic project and really great job! -Haofan

The role these bacteria play in climate change and the global carbon budget is really interesting! I would love it if you wrote a little more about that, although I know you have a paragraph on it in your Ecology section. If you could add any current research being done on their interaction with climate change, I think that would be a very topical addition. Otherwise, your page is great! I also particularly liked the whole section on astrobiology. - Fiona