Talk:Swarming Motility in Proteus Mirabilis: Causative Agent of UTIs

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I really enjoyed your page it was easy to read and mostly free of gramatical errors (none jumped out so I would say free of errors but there may be one or two little things and I wouldn't want you to miss them). Additionally, it was an interesting topic that you explained and researched well. The solid surface swarming bit is kinda scary to think about!!!! Some little things I noticed were that you need to link in the pictures. If you click on the red link on where your picture should be it will take you to the place to do that. It's super easy once you've figured it out. Also you should italicize all scientific names by placing and around the name. You should also always capitalize the genus (first part) of a scientific name and E. coli . I also know there's a code you can use to create sub scripts for the chemical equation used, if you look on the template page I think it shows you how. Again I really liked your page! ~Kiersten

I agree with Kiersten! The information in you page was very nicely presented especially as an outsider with no previous knowledge of this bacteria. Nothing really jumped out at me with regard to edits besides the end of the second paragraph in the introduction. I'd say "and causing infection in humans" instead of "and cause in infection." Just a heads up, in the second to last section you say "have been characterized of the course of several decades",I'm assuming you meant "over the course of several decades." Also don't forget to link your sources. Other than those tiny fixes your page looks awesome and I really enjoyed learning all about your topic!