Talk:The role of Bifidobacterium longum in a healthy human gut community

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I didn't know how important it was for the birth of a child to be vaginal and not through a c-section. I found that section of your paper to be very interesting. I also enjoyed reading about all the current research that is being done with this bacteria. In particular, the section about the IBS testing. My microbe (ebola) also had an impact on the cytokine response, which made reading about this microbes effect on the cytokine response interesting, since I could compare the two. This was a very well written page with excellent information. Well done, Luke.

Alec Manning

Dear Luke,

I thought the page was very well done. I really liked the classification section because I think it provides important information about the bacteria genus as a whole. Also I think it is amazing how this bifidobacterium longum is important in preventing such things as autoimmune diseases and promoting good brain health. I found it interesting that that breastfeeding was so crucial for bifidobacterium longum intake in humans. Overall, great page with fascinating information.


Brandon Byrd

Hey Luke,

Great job. I really liked how you didn't solely focus in on Bifidobacterium longum, and throughout your page you would zoom out and look at the gut flora as a whole. This was especially true in your conclusion where you explained the evolution of the human understanding of gut bacteria. I'd love to know what current studies are focusing on learning about this bacterium, as it seems like it could have some major health impacts.