Talk:Ulcerative Colitis caused by Bacteria?

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This subject is interesting and the article is well written with a lot of information. I think that the information provided is well constructed especially when considering the exact source of the disease has not been found yet. I think you should go into a little more detail about the drug inflixmab, such as what does it do (reduce inflamation? suppress the immune system?) and is it recommended for long term use. I was also wondering about the gene for interlukin-2. You mentioned in the second section that mice without the gene develop UC. How does that gene affect UC? For example, is it an immune system gene? Is there any other research that involves interlukin-2 gene and UC? Also as a small error you use the acronym IBD before you write out the complete phase.

I agree, you provided a lot of information on the topic. I especially liked that you included many case studies. I agree with the previous comment that further explanation of interlukin-2 gene would be needed. Also, could you further explain what each medication does? What are the mechanisms of each medication in treating the disease? And make sure you cite your sources used for the into within the text.