BIOL 116 Index 2021

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Genetics and Evolution Pages authored at Kenyon College for BIOL 116 class, Fall 2021


Andrew Van Horn, Effects of Scleroderma on Human Microbiome
Hao Yang, Elysia chlorotica
Jp Timken, HIV virus
Juliette Lowe, Beyond the Basics: Genetic, Intestinal, and Viral Contributors to Autism
Lauren Lehr, Role of the Lux Operon in Bioluminescence
Luke Smallwood, Deamination model of hypermutation
Margo Moceyunas, The Lung Microbiome and its Correspondence with Asthma
Rachael Tomasko, Gunnera Cyanobacteria symbiosis
Yueqi Song, Calcium signaling in plant-microbe interaction